Google gives new life to old MacBooks and PCs… And other small business tech news this week

    Here are five things in technology that have happened in the past week and how they affect your business. Do you remember them?

    1— ChromeOS Flex is finally here and it’s bringing new life to old Macbooks and PCs.

    ChromeOS is designed to revive obsolete computers. Google has announced that this program can be installed on Mac or PC simply by downloading the feature. After many trial runs, anyone can now download this program for free. However, Google intends for schools and businesses to make the most of it. (Source: Engadget)

    Why this is important for your business:

    This seems like a great tool for cost-conscious small businesses, especially nonprofits. ChromeOS can give these older devices a longer life and save them the cost of replacing them.

    2 — Never seen a 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook that could launch this fall.

    Last year, Apple announced that the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks would launch in the spring of 2023, but they’ll arrive sooner than we think. Apple is currently working on M2 versions of these laptops that look almost identical to the original version. The new changes are just the addition of more charging ports and a nicer screen. However, the release may be delayed to Spring 2023 due to supply chain issues. (Source: Engadget)

    Why this is important for your business:

    These are updates to add more graphics power to the existing MacBook line. A spokesperson said: “Let’s focus on the graphics side, just like with the standard M2. According to Engadget, on the MacBook Air 2022, graphics performance is about 35% faster if you use the 10-core GPU variant.

    3— According to a new study, small and medium businesses need to use technology.

    Web hosting provider Bluehost has just released their third study of small and medium businesses, focusing on digital adoption for business growth. They focus on businesses in the United States, New Zealand, India, and Australia. They conclude from their findings four main points: markedly different sentiments across regions and favorable in growth economies, SMBs know digital is key to survival, the need to mine digital tools and the importance of remote transaction management. (Source: PR Newswire).

    Why this is important for your business:

    I’ve seen, written, and reported on countless small businesses that are doubling down on technology – robots, self-service kiosks, AI, workflows, drones, internet of things – to increase their productivity productivity from their current staff, reducing costs and keeping pay levels under control.

    4 — PYMNTS did a survey on what small businesses really need and how financial institutions can help them.

    PYMNTS, an economic data and news website, conducted a survey concluding that out of 260 corporations, 83% said they expect their company’s bank to provide new technology tools. best. The survey also found that shopping center business owners want help with ongoing payments and useful and easy-to-use digital tools.

    (Source: PYMNTS)

    Why this is important for your business:

    This message is especially important for smaller financial institutions, such as community and independent banks. The Paycheck Protection Program has pushed many of these companies to change their online processes for referrals, loan approvals, and customer service, and best practices are continuing on this path. . Of course there are insider benefits to be realized. But more importantly it is what customers are expecting.

    5— Syrius Robots has raised millions of dollars this year from investors around the world.

    Warehouse robotics startup Syrius Robots recently raised $7.4 million in a Series B rounding fund. Automated robots help move around heavy machinery in factories and warehouses and have collected attracted the attention of many foreign investors such as Harvest Capital, Tiktok and Bytedance. The robots are mainly located on the Asian continent, but the startup has plans to expand soon. (Source: Techcrunch)

    Why this is important for your business:

    As mentioned above, countless small companies are doubling down on technology, and nowhere do I see this happening more primarily than at the factory. Syrius Robots is one of a number of small tech and startups driving this acceleration.

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