GameStop sells PC hardware, including RTX 3000 . graphics cards

    (Credit: GameStop)

    Customers looking to own an RTX 3000 graphics card might want to keep an eye on GameStop. The video game retailer is starting to sell PC hardware, including GPUs and laptops.

    During an earnings call Tuesday, GameStop CEO George Sherman said the company will expand its product portfolio. “This includes developing our product offerings across gaming PCs, computers, monitors, game consoles, mobile games and gaming TVs,” he said.

    The company also produces a new weekly ad showing GameStop plans to sell RTX 3000 graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies, and PC desktop cases.

    You can find product listings for the various RTX 3000 cards by searching the GameStop website. However, every listing now says the tag is “not available”. Some other listings say the products won’t reach customers until April 16.

    Credit: GameStop

    The retailer plans to showcase the PC hardware on a dedicated page at, which will also sell desktop PCs. But for now, most of the inventory is still unavailable. We’ve reached out to GameStop for more information and will update the story if we get a response.

    One big question is whether sales of the RTX 3000 graphics will only take place online or through physical GameStop stores. Many PC gamers are hoping it will be the latter, which will make it harder for bots and online expanders to buy up inventory.

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    However, on Tuesday’s earnings call, Sherman said his company is trying to invest more in e-commerce as a way to reach consumers. “Global e-commerce sales grew 175% and accounted for 34% of total sales in the fourth quarter compared with 12% of net sales the year before,” he said.

    The expanded focus on PC hardware sales also came as GameStop reported disappointing Q4 results. The company’s net revenue for the period came in at $2.12 billion, down from $2.19 billion a year ago, despite the recent launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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