Fortinet Simplifies Network Security Operations on AWS with FortiGate CNF

    Fortinet launches FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (FortiGate CNF) on Amazon Web Services (AWS), an enterprise-class, managed next-generation firewall service tailored specifically for AWS environments.

    FortiGate CNF combines FortiGuard’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Security Services for real-time detection and protection against malicious external and internal threats, and is fortified by FortiOS to bring Experience consistent network security across AWS and on-premises environments.

    By moving network security infrastructure management to Fortinet through FortiGate CNF, customers can focus more on their core competencies and deploy effective security policies to protect applications. and their business-critical data. Native to AWS and now available on the AWS Marketplace, FortiGate CNF provides customers with instant access to FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services for enterprise-class protection, including URL filtering, DNS filtering, IPS , application control and other FortiGuard security services that organizations use .

    FortiGate CNF allows customers to realize the following benefits:

    • Protecting the entire network at an optimal cost: FortiGate CNF is designed to easily aggregate security across cloud networks, availability zones, and virtual private clouds (VPCs) in a single cloud region. It also has inherent AWS support to help optimize cloud security spending, and uses AWS Graviton instances to deliver better price performance than other services.
    • Simplified network security operations with cloud-based integration: FortiGate CNF provides a simple, intuitive user interface (UI) that reduces the need for security expertise, and makes it easy to define and deploy robust security policies, including those books based on dynamic metadata on AWS. This AWS support helps security teams move at the speed and scale of application pools, while AWS Gateway Load Balancer support eliminates do-it-yourself automation and helps secure Amazon Virtual Private environments Cloud (Amazon VPC) simultaneously improves high availability and scaling. Additionally, the support of AWS Firewall Manager simplifies security management and automates security deployment.
    • Increase compliance with consistent enterprise-grade security across on-premises and cloud deployments: In a recent survey of more than 800 cybersecurity professionals, 78% of respondents indicated that a cloud security platform with a single dashboard can help them better protect their data on the Internet. cloud footprints and strengthen their security posture. FortiGate CNF provides an intuitive dashboard to easily manage security policies in customers’ AWS deployments. As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric platform, it also provides a single pane of glass through FortiManager for centralized policy management, increased visibility and automation of policy enforcement on AWS, and more. . This capability helps teams effectively apply security controls seamlessly across hybrid cloud and on-premises deployments.
    • Enhanced with AI-powered global threat intelligence: FortiGate CNF includes a suite of trusted security services powered by FortiGuard’s AI, developed and continuously improved by FortiGuard Labs. Using artificial intelligence/machine learning (ML) models, FortiGate CNF with FortiGuard Security Services enables proactive security deployment and intelligence-based remediation of known and unknown threats real-time threat detection, behavior-based detection, and automated containment.

    Fortinet and AWS – Better Together

    FortiGate CNF is the latest example of Fortinet’s commitment to providing cloud-based services to support our customers. Fortinet’s work with AWS ensures that customers’ public cloud workloads are protected with best-in-class security solutions powered by comprehensive threat intelligence. Fortinet’s support for key AWS services simplifies security management, supports full visibility across environments, and provides broad protection across workloads and your application.

    Throughout any stage of a customer’s cloud migration, Fortinet Security Fabric, the industry’s highest performing cybersecurity mesh platform, provides security-based networking and protection. adaptive cloud protection for the ultimate in control and flexibility needed to build in the cloud.

    “Organizations that are accelerating their cloud adoption may not have the resources or time to build, scale, or adapt their cloud security to meet the speed of their business. As a managed next-generation firewall service, FortiGate CNF removes the heavy lifting around network security operations and provides an easy experience to help customers easily deploy best-in-class security. in the cloud,” said John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet.

    “Fortinet was the obvious choice for help when we decided to move our workloads from the data center to a public cloud environment on AWS. By leveraging Fortinet’s cloud security solutions to complement our native AWS security groups, we were able to accelerate our cloud migration in as little as a month, a process that typically takes a week. five. With the introduction of FortiGate CNF, Yedpay looks forward to having the option of a managed firewall service powered by Fortinet and AWS’s shared cloud infrastructure expertise to further enhance cloud security. cloud and allows us to grow our business securely,” said Simon Lau, CIO & CISO, Yedpay.

    “We know organizations looking to further simplify and modernize security in the cloud, which is why we partnered with Fortinet to deliver adaptive cloud security solutions. With FortiGate CNF, customers can build with confidence, increase flexibility, and take advantage of everything AWS has to offer. As a fully managed cloud-native service, FortiGate CNF provides enterprise-class firewall and network security services that reduce risk and improve compliance, while optimizing funds security investment of customers. We look forward to continuing to work with Fortinet to help our joint customers accelerate their cloud security goals,” said Dave Ward, GM, Application Network, AWS.

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