Dead scrollable LG shown in new hands-on video

    TL; DR

    • LG’s (but never released) rollable phone just popped up on YouTube.
    • The phone looks and behaves very similar to the rollable Oppo.
    • The phone landed just as LG was shutting down, so it never had a chance.

    At CES 2021, LG showcased an upcoming smartphone. In the image above, you can see a phone that started out as a “normal” phone but then switched to a larger form factor.

    However, not long after that, LG announced its withdrawal from the smartphone industry. So we never really saw the rollable LG hit the market.

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    Now, however, we have the next best thing: someone got their hands on an unreleased version of this phone and uploaded a short hands-on video to YouTube. You can watch the full video below.

    In the video you can see LG roll-in and roll-out. It seems to work both with an icon on the desktop as well as some kind of hardware toggle. The phone itself also looks a bit slimmer than a typical “normal” smartphone, which is an interesting choice as it doesn’t look much larger than a normal phone when it’s built. launched.

    However, the phone seems to work. It doesn’t appear to have Google Play Services and the icons are all in Korean, but that’s not too surprising.

    Considering we’ll never see this LG possibly hit the market, it’s almost like we’re going to experience what LG has in mind. However, Oppo has released its own scrollable which has taken it a lot further than LG’s version. So don’t abbreviate the reels just yet.

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