DCMS Cybersecurity Bulletin – September 2022

    first. Message from the director

    One of the advantages of working at DCMS is seeing synergies between different departments of government. Earlier this month, as part of the hugely successful Commonwealth Games, the Department of International Trade hosted the Commonwealth Business Centre. This amazing event included a roundtable hosted by DCMS on the challenges and opportunities in cyber and AI in the UK and Canada. There were panel discussions on how to retain top tech talent in the UK and the role of the West Midlands cyber ecosystem in developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. It is clear that there is much that the UK and Canada can learn from each other, and even more where we can cooperate.

    This month, fieldwork will begin for the next iteration of the Cybersecurity Breach Survey, which will be published in March 2023. This important piece of research helps inform our policy. government and is a great way to discover how businesses approach their own cybersecurity. Ipsos has been authorized to conduct the interviews on behalf of DCMS and we would greatly appreciate your participation if your organization is selected.

    Based on the 2022 Cybersecurity Breach Survey, DCMS has published a new policy document that explores organizational experience with cybersecurity breaches. Among the businesses that have participated, there is consensus that cybercrime is a significant and growing business risk, with cyberattacks increasing both in number and in technical sophistication. . However, knowledge of the threat landscape varies widely depending on the organization.

    Finally, the International Cyber ​​Expo will take place on September 27-28 at Olympia London. DCMS will be in attendance to advance the National Cyber ​​Strategy, and cyber companies have adopted our growth and innovation programs. It promises to be a great couple of days, bringing together innovation, international cyber intelligence and government.

    Erika Lewis

    Director, Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

    2. Newly published research: the organization’s experience of cybersecurity breaches

    DCMS has published a new in-depth study with businesses and organizations affected by cybersecurity breaches. Research aims to:

    • understand the level of network security before the breach
    • understand how organizations respond to the immediate, mid-term, and long-term consequences of a breach
    • investigate how cybersecurity arrangements have changed after a cyber breach
    • investigate the short- and long-term impacts of breaches on organizations.

    The ten organizations participating in the study all suffered a major cyberattack in the past four years. Several themes emerged in the research, including the consensus that cybercrime is a significant and growing business risk, with cyberattacks increasing in both number and sophistication. microtechnics.

    3. Register your interest in the NCSC Cyber ​​Mentor program

    The NCSC is currently inviting organizations to help develop the new Network Advisor service. The Network Advisor will be an individual judged by the NCSC to have a good understanding of the basic security controls and be able to provide practical help to companies looking to achieve them.

    Qualified Network Advisors will initially focus on helping their clients meet Cyber ​​Essentials’ five technical controls – firewalls, security settings, access control, malware, and software updates – by identifying and helping to implement improvements that are appropriate for the size and needs of the customer.

    Under the new program, organizations with qualified Network Advisors on their staff will be able to apply to become NCSC Assured Service Providers. Only organizations that become an Assured Service Provider and use a qualified Network Advisor can provide NCSC Network Advisor services to customers.

    4. Cybersecurity Breach Survey 2023 will begin fieldwork at the end of September

    The next Cybersecurity Breach Investigation will begin later this month, to be published in March 2023. This supports the National Cyber ​​Strategy and informs government cybersecurity policy. The study explores policies, processes, and approaches to cybersecurity for businesses, charities, and educational institutions.

    Organizations will be randomly selected to participate in the survey. DCMS authorized Ipsos to conduct the interviews on our behalf. In these organizations, we are inviting the most senior people with the most knowledge or responsibility in cybersecurity to participate. Participation in the survey is confidential and the interview will last approximately 20 minutes, at a time convenient to you. If your institution is selected for the survey, we appreciate your participation and thank you in advance for taking the time to contribute to this important research.

    5. Gold Medal for Commonwealth Games Business Center

    As part of the recent Commonwealth Games, the Department of International Trade hosted the Commonwealth Business Center to enhance opportunities for local businesses.

    As part of the Business Hub, DCMS hosted a roundtable discussion on opportunities and challenges in cybersecurity and AI in the UK and Canada. Other events include the West Midlands Company’s Technology, Digital and Innovation Day, which showcases how the region’s tech community is helping companies pioneer world technology. follow-up and includes discussions on the challenges of sourcing and retaining top talent and scaling the business.

    6. DCMS to host network business showcase at International Cyber ​​Expo

    DCMS will attend the International Cyber ​​Expo at Olympia London on September 27 and 28 to showcase the networking companies participating in our innovation and growth programs, CyberASAP and Cyber ​​Runway. Companies from the current year Cyber ​​Runway will also showcase their businesses as part of the TechHub stage, giving audiences a chance to see some of the exciting startups and scaling cyberspace. best in the current ecosystem.

    The International Cyber ​​Expo brings together leading international cybersecurity and cyber intelligence products and initiatives with key information security officials (CISOs), government officials, and policy makers. policy setting. There will be more than 100 industry-leading exhibitors and over 5000 cybersecurity buyers in attendance. You can register to attend for free on the International Cyber ​​Expo website.

    7. Crown Trade Services: supplier webinars

    On Thursday, September 29, Crown Commercial Services will host a webinar on Cybersecurity Services 3, a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) that helps public sector organizations purchase cyber services .

    The webinar will provide an opportunity for cybersecurity companies to learn more about DPS, how to participate, how to provide services, and obligations when assigned. Crown Commercial Service will also provide updates on their work currently being done in cyberspace and will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the team.

    8. North East Business Resilience Center launches new 24/7 free network feedback service

    Northeast Business Recovery Center, sponsored by the Home Office, has rolled out a free 24/7 emergency response service to businesses or individuals who find themselves under a cyber attack.

    Expert is just a phone call away with handpicked expert partners available to provide free, initial support that can help mitigate the impact of a cyber attack, in the first place.

    NEBRC Supt Director Rebecca Chapman explains: “We’re aware that one of the worst moments for anyone who’s been attacked is to quickly understand the implications and know where to turn. Our new service provides a direct route to immediate support, which is usually only available if you’ve signed up with a private provider.

    “All four of our partners have committed to providing free one-hour support and, once immediate actions have been taken, businesses will have the choice of which path, if any, they want to take. do the next.”

    The four NEBRC Trusted Partners are Bleam, DigitalXRaid, NGS and Waterstons.

    9. DCMS Cybersecurity Research

    As part of the National Cyber ​​Strategy, the government is committed to improving the evidence base to support policy formulation and to help the cybersecurity sector and broader industry better understand current issues. in. Recent research reports published by DCMS include:

    Mapping informal cybersecurity initiatives for 5-19 year olds

    Cybersecurity breach survey 2022

    Cybersecurity in Enterprise Connected Devices

    Cybersecurity skills in the UK labor market 2022

    Analysis of the field of cyber security 2022

    Cybersecurity vertical survey – wave one

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