DCMS Cybersecurity Bulletin – October 2022

    first. Message from the director

    One of the themes across the National Cyber ​​Strategy is a ‘whole society’ approach to cyberspace. This means government, business, academia, the general public and the cyber sector itself working together to make the UK one of the most protected countries in the world. I saw this in action last week at the International Cyber ​​Expo where I gave the opening keynote on how the UK Government is working to ensure the UK remains a leading cyber power. world. I was also pleased to meet some of the companies that participated in our innovation and growth programs, Cyber ​​Runway and CyberASAP, at the conference.

    On the subject of Cyber ​​Runway, it was great to see the launch of this year’s Growth and Scale streams last month. Thirty-six companies will participate in the programme, covering topics such as marketing, investing and leadership. They will also be able to build the connections needed to grow and scale a successful business. As part of Cyber ​​Runway, there will be four regional events taking place across the UK in October and November. I encourage you to register and attend.

    The UK government is funding new research to uncover vulnerabilities in commonly used Internet of Things products and assess the cyber resilience of these devices. The successful bidder will be awarded up to £200,000 to test popular devices and help determine if security practices and guidelines are in place, such as international standards and device security guidelines. NCSC, is powerful enough to protect the business from evolving threats. If you are interested, please register.

    Finally, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, with a series of community-wide activities over the next four weeks.

    Erika Lewis

    Director, Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

    2. Cyber ​​Runway Launches ‘Growth’ and ‘Scale’ Streams

    Plexal unveiled 36 cyber startups, SMEs, and scalers participating in DCMS-funded Cyber ​​Runway Accelerator Growth and Scale streams.

    Cyber ​​Runway provides UK networking companies with the business, networking and product development skills to help them grow and thrive. The program has also been designed to address some of the biggest challenges facing the industry, such as diversity and inclusion, as well as regional representation.

    The 2022 Cyber ​​Runway cohort includes some of the UK’s most innovative and promising cyber startups to tackle challenges such as ransomware, zero-day attacks, secure authentication, incident response try and raise awareness about the network.

    3. Cyber ​​Runway Regional Event: book now

    Registration is now open for ongoing regional events as part of Cyber ​​Runway. These events offer two days of speaking, discussion and networking to give networking companies across the UK the opportunity to learn new skills and make new connections.

    The events are:
    Bristol, October 11 and 12
    Manchester, October 19 and 20
    Belfast, 14 and 15 November (invitation details coming soon)
    Scotland, 23 and 24 November

    4. Up to £200,000 available to test the security of smart devices

    Organizations can now apply for grants to support research into the cybersecurity of internet-connected office devices — such as printers, cameras and reservation systems — to ensure they are covered. proper protection against hackers.

    The successful bidder will be awarded up to £200,000 to test popular devices and help determine if security practices and guidelines are in place, such as international standards and device security guidelines. NCSC, is powerful enough to protect the business from evolving threats.

    The funding is part of the government’s National Cyber ​​Strategy and complements the Telecommunications Infrastructure and Product Security bill currently being passed by parliament.

    5. £15,000 funding available for hardware testing program

    The Digital Catapult Technology Accelerator is looking for companies to join their second group of Digital Security by Design: Technology Access Program. Successful companies will receive £15,000 in funding.

    Funded by UK Research and Innovation, the Program provides tech companies with access to experimentation and experimentation with Arm’s demonstration board and Morello system based on CHERI, an initiative new instruction set architecture developed by the University of Cambridge. These technologies have been designed to eliminate most of the memory safety issues in C and C++, which lead to more than 70% of software vulnerabilities.

    Interested companies can request a prototype DSbD board through the website.

    6. Cyber ​​Essentials survey: call for feedback

    As part of the government’s work to improve cyber resilience across the UK economy, we are looking to better understand how organizations engage with Cyber ​​Essentials to improve their online defense.

    To help shape our future strategy, please fill out this short survey on why you use Cyber ​​Essentials, the technical challenges you currently face, and whether Cyber ​​Essentials can must be an appropriate tool to address third-party risks.

    7. CyberFirst Girls Contest: registration open

    The National Cybersecurity Center is once again hosting a CyberFirst Girls Competition to encourage more girls and those who identify as female to view computer science at school and as a career path in future.

    The competition is designed for 8th graders in England and Wales, 9th graders in Northern Ireland and S2 in Scotland to introduce these groups to cybersecurity, why it matters, and show them it can be where to take them in the future

    As we become more dependent on social media, online shopping and online services as part of our daily lives, we need the right talent to protect us from online threats. line. The competition helps identify the talents of the future to fill skill gaps in the field of cybersecurity. Please encourage students to register for the contest here.

    8. Event Symposium on Ethnic Minorities in Cyberspace – October 11

    The UK Cybersecurity Council is running the Cyber ​​Minority Symposium on Tuesday 11 October at the Auditorium, Leonardo Royal Hotel, London.

    The event will provide a platform for ethnic minorities in the UK’s cyber sector to share their experiences and expertise, and explore how to encourage representation and diversity. in the technology industry. Speakers include Dr. Claudia Natanson MBE and Simon Hepburn from the Cybersecurity Council; Professor Prashant Pillai, Chair of Cyber ​​Ethnic Minorities, and Irfan Hemani, Deputy Director of Cyber ​​Security, DCMS.

    9. CyberWomen @ Warwick Conference 2022 – October 26

    The CyberWomen @ Warwick conference is a student-led initiative created to inspire women to enter the cybersecurity industry. Taking place on Wednesday 26 October at the University of Warwick, there will be a full day of incredible speakers, networking opportunities and lunch provided for attendees.

    Cybersecurity professionals from across the UK will be in attendance and the event will provide an exciting opportunity to ask questions and explore the industry. Those with both technical and non-technical backgrounds are welcome.

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