DCMS Cybersecurity Bulletin June 2022

    first. Message from the director

    Last month, I attended CyberUK, the UK government’s flagship cybersecurity event, in Newport. It was great to see so many representatives of the industry and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and partners, as well as being able to talk to the people behind some real businesses and ideas. renew. The best part of the event was the Cyber ​​Den, which offers companies already involved in our innovation and growth programs the chance to showcase their ideas in front of a panel of judges. I want to once again congratulate Exalens and Capslock, whose strong pitches meant they were crowned this year’s overall winners.

    Going forward, we have Infosecurity Europe taking place June 21-23 at ExCeL in London. Infosecurity Europe is the largest gathering of the information security community in Europe and another great opportunity to share innovation, learn from each other, build relationships and support the growth of network security ecosystem. Once again, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is hosting the UK’s most innovative Cyber ​​SME 2022, in partnership with Infosecurity Europe and techUK.

    Finally, the Telecommunications Infrastructure and Product Security Bill continues to move forward with Parliament successfully passing its third reading in the Commons. It now moves to Lords for a second reading this month. This measure would ensure minimum security standards for products that connect to the internet, such as smart cameras.

    Erika Lewis
    Cybersecurity and digital identity

    2. Announced finalist of SME 2022 UK’s most innovative cyberspace

    Fourteen of the UK’s most innovative and original information security businesses have been shortlisted in the UK’s most innovative Cyber ​​SME 2022 competition, jointly organized by DCMS with Infosecurity Europe and techUK operating.

    The companies are:

    • Blackwired – Cyber ​​threat intelligence and aggregation platform

    • C2 Cyber ​​- Supplier Risk Management Specialist

    • Conatix – AI and other areas of technology application for insider fraud

    • CyberHive – a provider of cybersecurity solutions that helps organizations move to the cloud

    • IOETEC – data security specialist for IoT devices

    • iQuila – military-grade encryption and secure communication protocol

    • NquiringMinds – data sharing and data analytics from edge to cloud

    • Praeferre Ltd – data control and monetization solution

    • RKVST – Zero Trust Expert

    • Red Maple Technologies – network security technical consultant

    • Risk Ledger – a platform to stay on top of supply chain security

    • SafeShark – helps manufacturers navigate cybersecurity standards for IoT

    • TryHackMe – hands-on security training through real-world scenarios

    • Worldr – Secure communication expert

    All finalists will appear on the Innovation Zone at Infosecurity Europe, which runs from June 21 to 23, and winners will be announced during the event. As part of their package, the winners will receive two speaking slots on the Innovation Zone to talk about their specialist topics.

    More information about the competition can be found in Infosecurity Europe’s recent press release.

    3. Government Cybersecurity Advisory Board: open applications

    Following the launch of the Government’s Cybersecurity Strategy in January 2022, those who have expressed interest are now invited to serve as members of the Government’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board.

    The council will include independent external cybersecurity experts from industry and academia to forge better links between government, the private sector and academia. It will provide independent solutions to government cybersecurity challenges, through rigorous challenge, and promote best practices across government.

    Candidates must have specific cybersecurity expertise, competencies or knowledge in the areas covered in the Strategy. More information about the requirements, application process, and goals of the Board of Directors can be found here.

    4. Crown Trade Services: supplier webinars and feedback surveys

    On Wednesday June 29, Crown Commercial Services will host a webinar on Cybersecurity Services 3, a dynamic purchasing system that helps public sector organizations purchase cyber services.

    The webinar will provide an opportunity for providers to learn more about the system and how providers can provide services and obligations after being assigned to DPS. Crown Commercial Services will also provide an update on their work currently being done in cyberspace. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions to the group.

    Crown Commercial Service is also continuing to develop their network commercial arrangements and would love to hear your feedback. To do this, please complete this short survey to help them gain insight into any effects they can make to improve their systems and processes.

    5. Call for stance on tougher consumer protections against malicious apps to close this month

    Following a report published by the National Cyber ​​Security Center, which revealed that people’s data and money are at risk as fraudulent and badly designed apps can be exploited by hackers, DCMS has issued a call for views to ask the tech industry about enhancing security and privacy. requirements for companies running app stores and developers creating apps.

    Under the new proposals, app stores for smartphones, game consoles, TVs and other smart devices could be required to commit to a new voluntary code of practice that sets out basic requirements for security and privacy. This will be the world’s first such measure. Counseling ends on Wednesday, June 29.

    6. Survey: Cybersecurity as a profession

    The Global Forum for Cyber ​​Professionals is gathering international perspectives through a survey on evolving cybersecurity as a profession. The survey included questions about whether the path for cyber professionals was clear; whether better recognized qualifications are needed to strengthen the profession and whether licensure is required.

    Based in the Netherlands, the mission of the Global Forum for Cyber ​​Expertise is to strengthen international cooperation in cyber capacity building by connecting needs, resources and expertise and providing knowledge. practical knowledge for the global community.

    7. Launch of “Upskill in Cyber”

    SANS Cybersecurity Trainers, in partnership with the Government, are launching Upskill in Cyber, a new free program aimed at identifying and rapidly retraining individuals for roles in security network in just ten weeks.

    Starting on July 4, students will undertake two SANS training courses and receive soft skills development to ensure they are immediately deployable in the cybersecurity workforce. Successful graduates will complete the program with two GIAC certifications – GFACT and GSEC.

    ‍SANS is currently looking for individuals who are looking to start a career in cybersecurity, whether they are currently working in non-cyber-related roles or are unemployed.

    Upskill in Cyber ​​applications close Monday, June 27, 2022. You can find more information about the program and submit an application here.

    8. Cyber ​​Explorers Birmingham Event

    Last month, a campaign sponsored by DCMS to promote Cyber ​​Explorers, a free digital platform to teach cybersecurity skills to 11-14 year olds, culminated in the People’s Fair. care for web explorers in Birmingham.

    Organized by Niyo Enterprise, the event was attended by more than 300 students from three high schools, and raised awareness of cyberspace as a potential career option and opportunities in the field. this area. The youth heard speeches from Simon Hepburn, Managing Director at the UK Cybersecurity Council, as well as from a panel with representatives from Niyo Enterprise, Black Codher Bootcamp and crime interns network from the West Midlands Cybercrime Unit. Students also participated in Cyber ​​Hunt games led by organizations such as QA, Taran3D, Metcloud, Girls Who Code and Aston University.

    Niyo Enterprise said: “We cannot overstate the impact technology will continue to have on society and are proud to do our part to raise awareness among the next generation of developers, security professionals, and developers. network security and the next engineer. We believe that inspiring and educating girls from an early age is very important in nurturing their aspirations for apprenticeships and even future trophies to become leaders. future tech stars. “

    9. Launch of the Swindon and Wiltshire Cyber ​​Cluster

    In May, Lauren Metalle, DCMS South West regional network controller, attended the launch of the Swindon and Wiltshire Clusters. The launch was well attended and Lauren gave a presentation on the National Cyber ​​Strategy and our work in the Ecosystems pillar. Alan Hill from Splunk also gave a talk on organizational resilience and cluster manager Brea Woods, gave a preview of the activity planned for the cluster over the next few months.
    You can learn more about the cluster and their work on their website.

    ten. Organizations provide streamlined guidance to help move to the cloud

    Last month, the National Cyber ​​Security Center released new guidance to help organizations safely move their data and online services into the cloud.

    Public and private sector organizations are increasingly leveraging the benefits of cloud solutions to streamline their operations, and the updated Cloud Security Guide has become more accessible to meet the day More and more organizations are moving their operations online.

    First launched in 2014, the refreshed collection combines two frameworks that enable everyone from small businesses to large enterprises with confidence to ensure their current or potential cloud service has the right solutions. appropriate security measures.

    11. National Cyber ​​Security Center Digital Loft Small Organizations

    The NCSC is hosting a number of one-hour webinars in June, specifically aimed at small organizations to help them improve their cybersecurity. The courses are designed to be accessible to everyone, and you don’t need to have IT or technical knowledge to benefit from the training.

    You can register for each of the events listed below by clicking on the title.

    11:30 a.m. Monday, June 13 – Network Awareness for Independent Traders and Microbusinesses
    Learn how to protect yourself or your small organization online including passwords and 2-Step Verification (2SV).

    11:30 a.m. Thursday, June 16 – Cybersecurity for Small Organizations
    How to improve your network security; Affordable, practical advice for businesses.

    1pm Wednesday 22nd June – Electronics Basics
    Cyber ​​Essentials helps you fight the most common cyber threats and demonstrates your commitment to cybersecurity.

    You can stay up to date with the latest information and events from the NCSC through their Subscription Center.

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