Cybersecurity in the context of international security

    LOCATION: Virtual

    Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

    What are the current trends in security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities? How do threat actors exploit vulnerabilities to launch ransomware attacks? Join to understand Cyberspace as an operational environment and what to do about threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

    Cyberspace: hardware and software used to create, process, store, retrieve, and disseminate information in different types of interconnected networks that make up a large, global network, built and used by humans, has transformed all aspects of human life. It allows information to flow at unprecedented speeds; it creates value through e-commerce; it streamlines business value creation processes, and it enables command and control of capabilities to manage crises or conduct joint operations. However, threat actors identify and exploit vulnerabilities to launch cyberattacks against institutions in academia, the public and private sectors. Motives can be intellectual property theft (knowledge), espionage, sabotage, or cybercrime reasons. Many cases in favor of this concept exist: WannaCry, NotPetya, and REvil. Therefore, with an understanding of Cyberspace as the operating environment, participants will understand the threats, risks, security holes and what to do about them.

    Learning goals in this journey

    Our unique learning method means you’ll participate in interactive virtual workshops while taking advantage of social and self-paced learning opportunities.

    On this learning journey, you will discover new resources and interact with your colleagues through an interactive online platform, enjoy discussion forums with participants and experts and take advantage of the opportunity to chat online deeper and meaningful in the process of teamwork. That means that after completing this journey, participants will be able to:

    • Describe and analyze cyberspace as an operational environment (infrastructure, defenses),
    • Identify and analyze threats, vulnerabilities, risks and events, and apply this knowledge to inform defenses for Cybersecurity at the Organizational Level,
    • Assess potential mitigation measures at the organization level to improve the cybersecurity posture and assess its impact on cybersecurity policy (organizational level, country level),
    • Assessing the role of Cybersecurity in the context of International Security.

    By combining scenario exercises, expert presentations, and dialogue between course participants, the course promotes an active learning approach to the core fundamentals of cybersecurity. .



    • September 5: Introduction to Cybersecurity in the Context of International Security
    • September 5 to September 16: Learn at your own pace. Students must read the material in advance and complete the course week assignment.

    Connect the dots:

    • September 19 to September 23 from 09:00 to 13:30 CET (except Thursday 22: 11:50 to 16:20): Participants will explore Cybersecurity in the context of security international security through keynote sessions, interactive sessions with keynote speakers. and participants, case studies and reflection sessions. Topics that will be covered include:
      • Strategic Information Operations / Cyber ​​Operations
      • Cyber ​​threats & activities
      • International law and activities in cyberspace
      • Cybersecurity at the organizational level
      • Policy & International Affairs

    Gain impact

    • October 3rd: Attend the course, review session and award certificates


    This course is intended for people who work for an organization or are in a position of responsibility or may soon be in charge of cybersecurity.

    Regular participants come from a variety of professional backgrounds including:

    • Government officials (including cyber policy officials, diplomats, military officers, intelligence analysts);
    • Employees from international organizations;
    • Private sector actors.

    Fee information

    COST 2500 CHF – all course fees included

    Register by July 4 to be eligible for a 15% discount. Alumni are eligible for a 20% discount. Discounts are not cumulative.

    How to register

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