Cybersecurity for charities part 8: Budget-friendly data protection tips

    According to a year 2022 third area / NCSC data security survey of 296 third sector professionals, less than half of charities (46%) use firewalls, only 34% have clear processes for reporting incidents potential and only 42% of organizations provide cybersecurity awareness training for employees.

    Do people in your charity understand what personal data the organization holds, why, and for how long? The more data you hold, the more risk you take. But there are ways to help protect your data even on a tight budget.

    In this video, the last in our eight-part series on cybersecurity, Jonathan Chevallier, CEO, Charity Digital explains:

    • Why it’s important to keep personal data safe for small charities like Charity Digital.
    • Top three budget-friendly cybersecurity measures.
    • What should small charities do if they experience a data breach.

    To learn more about how to protect your charity’s personal data, please visit

    This video is produced by Third Sector Insight in cooperation with the National Cyber ​​Security Center.

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