Computer Science Education Academy returns to ATU

    Image file from the Arkansas Institute of Computer Education and Computer Science 2021 at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville.

    Arkansas Tech University has been selected as the host site for the 2022 Arkansas Academy of Computer Science and Education (ACSCEA).

    The program, overseen by the Arkansas Department of Education’s (ADE) Office of Computer Science, will provide up to 60 Arkansas residents who are working for an Arkansas school district or intend to teach in an Arkansas school district. Arkansas School District and have a letter of support from the superintendent of an Arkansas school district with free access to up to 18 credit hours of graduate study at ATU.

    The program was made possible by a $566,646 grant from ADE to Arkansas Tech.

    Individuals who are new to ACSCEA and wish to apply for the 2022 program can do so at

    This will be the second year in a row that ATU acts as the host site. Members of the 2021 team interested in completing an additional 12 hours of graduate school in computer science or related credits at ATU beginning this summer can also apply at the link above.

    According to information provided by ADE, those who complete the program will study basic computer science, prepare to pass the Praxis Knowledge Content Computer Science exam, and be approved to teach courses computer science in high school, earn up to 18 graduate-level credits in computer science, and expand skills in specialized areas aligned with state-approved research programs. via.

    Grants from ADE will cover enrollment and tuition costs for all participants.

    The first two weeks of ACSCEA 2022 at Arkansas Tech are scheduled for June 13-17 and June 20-24 on the ATU campus in Russellville with advanced training options offered June 27 through July 29.

    Those who complete all ADE and ATU requirements during their time at the academy will receive credit for two graduate-level ATU courses: Introduction to Information Systems and Technology (INFT 5403) and Emerging Trends (INFT 6903).

    Participants are eligible to advance and earn an additional 12 hours of graduate credit by completing the following ATU courses: Website Development and Administration (INFT 5303); Database System (INFT 5203); Computer Network (INFT 5703); and Emerging Trends (INFT 6903).

    18 credit hours can be obtained through ACSCEA at Arkansas Tech that aligns with the 30-hour ATU Master of Science degree in information technology. The degree is offered by the ATU College of Engineering and Applied Science under the auspices of the ATU Department of Computer and Information Science.

    Only subjects and courses completed before December 31, 2023, are eligible to be paid by this program.

    In addition to their ACSCEA experience and funding, those who complete the ACSCEA program at ATU can complete 12 additional hours in the degree program on their own.

    “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome this chapter,” said Sarah Burnett, who serves as the director of STEM outreach for the ATU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and will be the project coordinator for ACSCEA. This program returns to Arkansas Tech University in the summer of 2022. 2022. “ATU has the curriculum, faculty, and facilities needed to provide those who wish to advance their knowledge of education. computer science with a great experience.”

    Participants with a diploma and a minimum of 18 hours in their content area have the potential to offer concurrent credit at the high school level.

    “We hope to partner with some of these educators and their school districts, to eventually provide credit to multiple high school students across the state,” Burnett said.

    Consistent with the provisions of the ADE grant, the selection of candidates may be prioritized based on regional needs and for districts classified as high poverty.

    Please contact or for more information.

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