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    C5I Service Center (C5ISC) and CGCYBER recently announced that Windows 11 will be coming to a workstation near you starting June 20. All workstations will have the update within six weeks.

    Why did Coast Guard upgrade to Windows 11?

    On June 8, 2022, the Department of Defense (DoD) Chief Information Officer ordered a full DoD migration to Microsoft Windows 11 by October 2025.

    What this change means for members:

    For most users, the only interaction with the upgrade will be to allow the pop-up notification informing you that the update is ready to install. The upgrade will take approximately two hours, during which time the workstation will be unavailable. Individuals who receive the pop-up during business hours will have the option to delay the upgrade for up to eight hours to ensure they have time to complete all necessary tasks during the day.

    The mower will only receive this update when connected via the shoreport.

    What benefits should I expect?

    Coast Guard workstations will receive several benefits as a result of this mandatory upgrade. Users can expect a more modern and streamlined feel that is more consistent with their Windows experience on updated, personally owned devices.

    Kyle Richardson, IT Project Manager for C5ISC-UCPL-PSM, shared these thoughts. “The only real change users will expect is a new graphical user interface (GUI). Many of the updated security features are on the backend and most users will not acknowledge or notice (they are) even present. Ultimately, as we add more modern technology, users will notice their computers run faster because they will use fewer resources.” Richardson also expressed enthusiasm for the Coast Guard’s technological future. “Personally, I am very excited about these changes. It is great to see USCG move to more modern technologies that can make our work lives easier.”

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