Come to life with Windows 11

    Get closer to what you love by mastering these features and shortcuts to #TurnItUpto11 in your life

    The past few years have caused us to re-evaluate how we spend our time and increasingly prioritize the things that bring us joy. But we know that the time to do more of what we love is still a challenge.

    To create space, we need the right tools – and technology plays a big role. It helps us filter out the noise and find our flow, allowing us to do more of the things we love, so life gets a little easier. It doesn’t need a radical change, just a fresh look at how you do things.

    At Microsoft, we want people to get the most out of their lives and technology.

    Windows 11 Full of features and shortcuts designed to make things easier. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to show you how to get the most out of our most versatile operating system to date, so you can get closer to what you love.

    Sometimes you need a little help with organization. Windows 11 has a lot of hacks, all to help boost productivity and creativity. From Snap Layouts, Widgets and Dictation modes, I use them all. Hacks save me time so I can get back to doing what I really love. Go out and take pictures.

    Ron TimehinProfessional photographers and videographers on Windows 11

    How to do # TurnItUpTo11

    With Windows 11, you can boost your productivity, master new tricks, help find the balance you crave, or simply unleash your Inner Bank. It’s packed with smart features to help you win in life and #TurnItUpto11, in whatever you set your mind to. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a bunch of Windows 11 shortcuts, tips, and tricks that will boost your productivity, kickstart your creativity, and help you better manage your workflow. .

    Stuck in the quicksand of productivity paralysis?

    Our research shows that while more than half of people (50%) want to use technology to be more productive, over 60% among us are fighting to stay at the top of our ever-growing to-do list.

    Explore Windows 11 features that make productivity easy – and make your day less strenuous. With Snap Layouts, you can charge your multi-tasking and become your emergency life admin. If you’re an Olympus life juggler, on the go and need an assistant to help you get from A to B, customize your Widget so you have access to weather updates and the latest travel. If your laptop is used by other family members, don’t sweat the loss of all your windows when they unplug from the monitor – Mount Mode remembers your settings every time. when you plug it back in.

    See how our family of creators use Windows 11 to Boost Balance and focus here

    Bored of chasing your productivity tail?

    Research shows that with each distraction at work, it needs an average of 23 minutes 15 seconds to get back on track.

    Focus Assist acts as your own “do not disturb” digital sign, protecting you from a world of constant distractions. Do you find it hard to ignore those persistent ping messages? Set the Focus Assist timer to get the job done.

    Studies have found that voice dictation is three times faster than typing. Use it as a secret weapon. Find some hands-free and focused balance with Dictator Mode, which helps you dictate content – it will even punctuation text for you. When a day has passed for you and you need to finish that shopping or plan your next trip, use Dark Mode to avoid eye strain late at night.

    See how our family of creators use Windows 11 to Boost their productivity here

    Spark your creative imagination into a new space

    Creativity is increasingly scratching the itch in our lives, with more than 40% of Britons in our study discover a new interest, skill, passion or hobby with the help of technology. Windows 11 has a set of creative tools to help you fulfill any of your dreams, skill sets or projects, full of nifty keyboard shortcuts.

    Create personalized tags or add your own personal touch to your friends and family’s pictures for that special occasion with MS Paint. Use this rebooted classic for a creative breather, by doing a quick doodle session to unleash your inner artist. Dare to be bold and do it all in 3D? Create a digital diary with Ink Workspace to capture your favorite moments and express yourself in words and sketches, to help develop your thoughts and ideas.

    Research shows that finding inspiration is the top barrier for people to overcome and get ‘creative’. When it happens, you don’t want to miss it or to run out of ideas, use the Pen Input feature and the Snipping feature to save images as inspiration when you start looking for ideas in your day. or use the collaborative Whiteboard app, to share ideas in real time.

    See how our family of creators use Windows 11 to boost their creativity here

    11 tricks to help you #TurnItUpto11

    1. Win + N = Bulletin board – Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts mean you can enhance your productivity skills on the navigation interface
    2. Win + V = Paste – New and improved, it increases productivity, by saving the stuff you need often in one place
    3. Win + C = Group chat – When you need to save for the day. Open Group chat, ping your coworker. Not all superheroes wear caps
    4. Tablet/touch mode – Transfer your handheld skills to your laptop. Switch to Touch Mode, use gestures, follow lines
    5. Quick Installation – Quick access to the basics is a time saver. This smart feature helps you focus when you need it most
    6. Win +. = emoji keyboard – Actions speak louder than words. Windows 11 has a bunch of more enhanced Emojis
    7. Item – An innovative side game to help you find your way. Customize widgets to spark your creativity
    8. Snap Layout – Must have for hobbyists. Compare multiple sources on screen at once, to master your craft
    9. Spell – Restore some equilibrium by writing down that heartfelt message of support and advice
    10. MS Paint – Who wants anonymous cards or messages right on the shelf? Unleash your digital creativity and inner artist
    11. Ink . workspace – Configure Ink Workspace to show keyboard shortcuts for any installed Windows applications, whether or not they are pen-optimized

    What are you waiting for? Take a challenge with #TurnItUpto11 today. Put this at the top of your to-do list and invest some time finding the Windows 11 features and shortcuts that work for you. Let Windows 11 make everyday things easier, frees up your time and inspires you to do more of what you love, with the things that matter most to you. Come to life with Windows 11.

    # TurnItUpTo11

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