Canon’s Powershot PX smart camera hopes to capture your family get-togethers

    The problem with photographing events and engagements is that you have to stop attending events or gatherings to do so. Canon’s new Powershot PX smart camera wants to eliminate these interruptions by providing you with a way to put a group of people in a room and take a picture of them having fun without anyone getting involved.

    It does this by sitting on a flat surface somewhere and vaguely looking like a cheap home security camera. Instead of just tracking whatever’s moving in the room, Canon’s tiny camera is cataloging the close friendships we’re definitely cropping up. All without the need for a human to make something “click”.

    Time to get Powershot PX?

    The Powershot PX is based on a crowdfunded Japan-only device called the Powershot Pick. It joins the ranks of Canon’s other experimental devices, intelligently delivering 11.7MP photos or 1080p recording.

    Canon calls its device “your own personal photographer” because it uses a 19-57mm focal length range, 340° horizontal field of view, and 110° vertical coverage to automatically capture anything happening in your gatherings. According to the company, it will monitor “… action and [frame] subject intelligently to capture natural expressions and reactions,” although it will also respond to voice commands if you’re looking for a more staged shot.

    Auto camera is supported by Android and iOS apps because it would be silly to do otherwise. The app stores and recommends images for preservation, moves them to removable storage if needed, allows the user to control the camera manually in times when voice control doesn’t crop it, and also allows the user to select a group of faces to prioritize, so you don’t end up with a camera full of photos of your unattractive cousin Bertrand. Again.

    For now, the Powershot PX has only been confirmed to launch in the UK and Europe this month. At launch it will cost around Rs 9,100, so expect it to be a bit more expensive if it launches in South Africa. As soon as we know the local details, we will update this post.

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