Canon PowerShot PX camera : a personal photographer

    Taking photos and capturing special moments can sometimes draw your attention from the emotions of the special occasion. Canon has created a PowerShot PX . Camera designed to automatically capture the unique moments in your life while you can stay fully engaged and engaged. The camera can also be used as a wireless web camera and is capable of capturing 11.7 megapixel photos and Full HD 60p video. The camera also features a pan and tilt zoom lens that offers a 340˚ rotatable 19-57mm (equivalent) zoom lens that will automatically follow the action and create the perfect photo or video for your occasion. .

    Canon PowerShot PX camera automatically captures every action

    “When you want to capture life’s precious moments, but also want to be present in them, the PowerShot PX is ideal – capturing natural expressions after action and automatically framing everyone in a natural way. Smart and creative. It captures your precious moments and recommends the best photos and videos for you through a smartphone app. “

    Canon PowerShot PX . Camera

    “Trust the PowerShot PX to capture the people and moments in your life, automatically creating photos and videos with its pan and tilt lens, while you keep tracking the moment. When taking pictures of your family, someone will be missing – the photographer. If that’s you, is there a way for you to be included? Enjoy your time with family and create lots of images with PowerShot PX, all automatically, so you enjoy the moment”.

    “The PowerShot PX can go anywhere with its built-in Wi-Fi and USB-C charging, which links to your smart device. Want more control? Just ask – it’s also voice activated. Just say: “Hi Pixie, let’s take a photo” and that’s it, hands free! The four voice commands include useful functions like recording video and finding other people to shoot. “

    Source: Canon

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