Canon powershot G7 X Mark III review: A lightweight camera for vloggers

    Buy now £649,

    • Sensor: 1in 20MP
    • Lens: 24-100mm F1.8-2.8
    • Video: 4k at 30fps at 1080 at 60fps, live streaming support
    • Other specifications: 3-stop ND filter, tilting LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, USB 3.1 charging and data transfer

    Quality and performance

    One area where compact cameras like the G7 X mark III gain an edge over smartphones is in sensor size. The 1in sensor in Canon delivers 20MP images and gives the camera the opportunity to take in a much larger amount of information than today’s camera phones. At the same time, it uses new technology to improve autofocus and autofocus speeds – it can shoot short bursts at 30fps in RAW, which we’re impressed with, and if If the camera is allowed to focus between shots, the focus is locked and the shot is taken. speed is still ahead of many competitors at 8fps.

    The camera is paired with a fast lens that offers a range of 24-100mm at f/1.8-2.8, meaning shooting in low light shouldn’t be too much of an issue. In fact, we took pictures at dark indoor settings and found that we didn’t have to increase the ISO much before 800, which was a pleasant surprise. At ISO 1600, image quality is still good, with noise levels tolerable for a camera of this size, and degradation only starting to occur in excess of 4000.

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    While we wouldn’t traditionally recommend a camera like this for long-distance zoom photography, the image quality at either end of the lens’ capabilities is comparable, if not first-class. . However, there is some degradation and loss of quality to the edges of the frame when fully zoomed in, and we’ve found that some competitors offer better zoom performance – our own G5 X mark II Canon (£799, arguably beats the G7 here in terms of outright lens performance.


    As you’d expect, the camera offers wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to shoot in 4K at 30fps (though you’ll have to look for this option in the menu – by default it does. shoot at 1080p at either. 30fps or 60fps). Video stabilization is good but perhaps not as good as some of the other video-focused cameras we’ve tested, but image quality is good if perhaps a bit soft for our liking. We enjoyed the fact that there was the ability to add an external clip-on microphone using the side input, with the introduction of a headphone jack on this model, which is very helpful.

    Canon’s biggest addition to this version of the G7 is the ability for video content creators to stream straight from the camera. It’s a great touch and will certainly add value to YouTubers and influencers, although considering it also doesn’t record what you’re recording to a memory card while you’re streaming. , we find this feature perhaps a bit gimmicky. However, many people will find it really useful, and we found it easy to set up and use provided a strong and stable internet connection.

    One feature we’d love to talk about is the camera’s built-in three-point ND filter – this makes it easy to achieve contrast, clarity, and quality when taking photos in bright lighting conditions.

    Verdict: Canon G7 X mark III Camera

    The G7 X mark III is a very good camera, offering some notable and welcome upgrades over the previous mark II. With that said, we find this a hard-to-replace camera – for many people, the G7 mark II will still offer similar performance in everyday use and Canon’s G5, albeit larger and a little more expensive, but overall probably better and more than that complete device.

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    The G7 mark III is also up against strong competition in this area from Sony and Panasonic, so we strongly recommend you do your research before making a purchase decision. Canon will be applauded for introducing live streaming, which is a first for any camera and designed with vloggers in mind. Whether content creators have gone elsewhere in terms of their camera selection remains to be seen. While not the best on the market, the G7 X mark III is still a very capable camera for enthusiasts.

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