Canon Australia Recalls Some R5 C Cameras

    Canon Australia has issued a recall for early versions of the R5 C. This recall is due to a manufacturing defect in autofocus where the camera can go in and out of focus when recording video.

    To be clear, this recall is only for a small number of units that were delivered to customers prior to this issue being identified.

    Here is the Support News that canon Australia released four days ago:

    Customers who have recently purchased the EOS R5 digital cinema camera C

    It has been discovered that the following minor error may occur in some EOS R5 C digital cinema cameras. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and concern this may cause. out to customers to use this product. We will continue to ensure thorough quality control so that our customers can use this product with peace of mind.

    Due to a manufacturing defect in autofocus, the camera may continuously lose focus in movie mode.

    Selected units of the EOS R5 C digital cinema camera.

    Our actions
    We are aware that a very small number of units were delivered to customers before this issue was identified. For those who received their unit on or before March 21, 2022, please contact the retailer from which you purchased the product to organize the return and replacement of your camera. We appreciate your understanding.

    For customers who are eagerly waiting for their EOS R5 C, we think this may delay the shipping of your product.

    13 13 83 or email [email protected]

    It remains unclear if this is an issue that has been identified in R5 C units shipped to other parts of the world. I couldn’t find any other recall notices on other canon sites.

    Luckily for Canon, not many R5 Cs actually shipped. This issue may also affect rollout, and customers who have placed orders may have to wait a little longer to see their cameras.