Canon Announces New EOS R7 and R10 Cameras

    Surprise! Canon has launched – not one, but – two mirrorless camera in the same day. These EOS R-series models will be the first from the company to feature a smaller APS-C image sensor. The Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10 Its compact size and ease of use at a low price is sure to appeal to new and existing photographers looking to switch to a new camera.

    Image via Canon

    Canon EOS R7 . Camera

    The EOS R7 has positioned itself as a great choice for hobbyists and entry-level photographers. If you’re someone who regularly takes epic vacation shots, this camera is lightweight but packed with some serious features. It inherits autofocus subject detection from the Canon EOS R3 Camera at a fraction of the price. Its APS-C sized image sensor can capture 32 million pixels and up to 15 fps with the electronic shutter.

    Canon’s, shot with R7

    If you’re looking to capture candid moments with video, the R7 is capable of full-width 4K video recording at 60p, 30p, and 24p, and can record more than 30 minutes each clip. Sports and wildlife shooters will also appreciate the in-body image stabilization, dust and moisture resistant body, and dual memory card slots.

    Canon EOS R10 . Camera
    Image via Canon

    Canon EOS R10 . Camera

    The EOS R10 offers many of the same features. You’ll also find subject detection autofocus and the ability to shoot at up to 15 frames per second. At a lower price point, this camera is great for entry-level photographers who don’t need all the features of the R7.

    Canon’s, shot with R10

    The R10 can capture 24 million pixels with its APS-C size image sensor. Its video capabilities are more limited than that of the R7, but still a good choice for content creators looking to push their work to the next level.

    New lens added

    That’s not all Canon prepared for this announcement. The company is also launching a series of RF-S lenses specially made for the smaller APS-C sensor size of the new cameras. This includes standard zoom lenses in the 18-45mm f/4.5-6.3 and 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 range. These lenses are ideal for the new EOS R10 and EOS R7 bodies, although they can also be used on any R-series camera.

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