But what is Windows 12 if not persistent Windows 11?

    Windows 11 was announced in 2021 and has received both praise and criticism for the various changes it introduced (especially the controversial hardware restrictions introduced for security reasons). ). I should know, I’ve written extensively about many of the Windows 11 features I hate and the ones I love, along with some Closer Look pieces that delve into the implementation and UX of specific capabilities that exist. in OS.

    However, over the past year or so, rumors about Windows “12” have been floating around, suggesting that Microsoft will return to a three-year release cycle and plans to release its next major operating system by the end of the year. 2024, really not that far away. In just the past few weeks, we’ve seen many signs of what changes are expected to come to the Windows version, including tighter Cloud PC integration, a stronger focus on AI-powered capabilities and emphasis on modularity.

    However, while all of that sounds really exciting and futuristic, I feel it’s important to understand that if Windows 12 releases in 2024, it will only be three years since initial release of Windows 11. This means that consumers should not expect radical changes in Windows, either in terms of design or in terms of new features.

    In fact, when it comes to the aesthetics of Windows 12, we’ve seen an alleged prototype of the operating system and it doesn’t differ much from Windows 11. That’s completely fine and understandable. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel every three years. Windows 11 introduced some major changes to the Windows user interface and UX, but this happened six years after Windows 10 was released. A big change will take place in 2021, don’t expect it in 2024.

    I feel it is important to temper expectations. Based on the comments I’ve seen from our readers on Neowin as well as many users on social media, there is a significant portion of Windows customers who believe that Windows 11 is a colossal failure. and Windows 12 will fix this “mess” error.

    I know some of my critics here think I hate Windows 11 and can’t pass up any opportunity to complain. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Windows 11 is a solid 7/10 operating system in my book (also close to the review score I gave it on release day), and yes, I point out its limitations because I think they have them. can get Microsoft’s attention with our reader support and push the company to fix problems faster, but I also praise the OS when I find something worth noting.

    The point I’m trying to emphasize is Windows 11 Normal. It doesn’t need a radical overhaul, and I’m pretty confident that Microsoft has no plans to do that either. In fact, some supposed system requirements for Windows 12 have indicated that hardware limitations will be similar to Windows 11.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean Windows 12 won’t be fun. If Microsoft’s recent investments and innovations in AI and cloud PCs are successful, we can expect AI-enabled mechanisms and cloud-enabled mechanisms to appear throughout UX.

    However, I believe that Windows 12 should be looked forward to and treated as an incremental upgrade to Windows 11, especially if it launches next year. Windows 11 had many great improvements as well as various problems, and Windows 12 will likely be more of the same. Microsoft will continue to make incremental improvements (and even bad decisions) through the Windows Insider Program just like it’s doing now, and people will find things to complain about. Complain or conversely, praise. To summarize with a modification of Memorable iconic line from Disney’s WandaVision: But what is Windows 12 if not persistent Windows 11?

    What are your expectations from Windows 12? Do you believe this will be a radical overhaul of Windows 11 or do you think it will be more of an incremental upgrade? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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