Bad news for Microsoft as Windows 11 growth slows down significantly

    After enjoying incredible usage growth for several months, helping Windows 11 double its market share, bringing it to nearly 20% of PCs, the new operating system had a nightmare March.

    AdDuplex’s report for the current month – still presented with the Ukrainian flag colors blue and yellow – will shock Microsoft and fans of the new operating system.

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    You might expect a new operating system like Windows 11 to hit adoption rates fairly quickly, and that’s what seemed to be the case before, but in March the surge came to an abrupt end. . Windows 11 usage rate is basically the same as it was a month ago.

    AdDuplex’s findings show that Windows 11 now accounts for 19.4% of PCs, a mere 0.1 percentage point increase from the previous month (19.3%). Even so, the number of users running the Insider version is now twice as high – 0.6% – this could be because Microsoft is trying out more experimental features in the Dev Channel.

    Elsewhere, according to the latest figures, Windows 10’s market share is now:

    • Windows 10 21H2 – 28.5 percent
    • Windows 10 21H1 – 26.5 percent
    • Windows 10 20H2 – 10.8 percent
    • Windows 10 1903 – 1.3 percent
    • Windows 10 1909 – 2.4%
    • Windows 10 2004 – 8.1%
    • Windows 10 1809 (and earlier) – 2.4 percent

    We often see Windows 10 have underperforming months when we track its usage rates in the early days of that operating system, but it usually recovers pretty quickly. It will be interesting if this happens with Windows 11 next month.

    Image credits: BlueSkyImage / Shutterstock

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