Arm launches new chip technology for smartphone games

    Arm Ltd, the British chip technology company owned by SoftBank Group Corp, on Tuesday unveiled a new set of chip technology aimed at making smartphone video games look better while still preserve battery life.

    The latest products are designs for graphics processing units or GPUs, commonly used for video processing in gaming. Arm makes money by licensing its designs to chip companies like MediaTek Inc, who in turn use them to design chips for Android-based smartphones.

    Arm on Tuesday also planned to upgrade its CPUs, or central processing units, the main brains in computers. In both cases, Arm aims to improve the chip’s performance while using less power.

    The latest push to improve mobile chips comes as Arm customers like Apple Inc and Qualcomm Inc are reducing their reliance on Arm.

    While Apple and Qualcomm still pay Arm some licensing fees to make sure their chips work with software written for Arm-based chips, they now design more of the key components on their own. instead of using Arm-manufactured designs.

    “Our latest suite of computing solutions for consumer devices will continue to raise the bar for what can happen in the mobile market,” Arm chief executive Paul Williamson said in an announcement blog. News about new products.

    “For developers, making this real-time 3D experience come to life even more immersive and engaging requires more performance.” (Reporting by Jane Lanhee Lee and Stephen Nellis; editing by Richard Pullin)

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