Are small businesses adopting cybersecurity best practices?

    Are small businesses adopting cybersecurity best practices?

    #StopAtNothing – An initiative by Dell Technologies and Moneycontrol to empower small businesses

    May 26, 2022 | 4 PM


    The current context pushes businesses to adopt digitalization. A process now integrates itself with all business functions. As digital reliance grows, so does the rate of cyberattacks. A situation made more complicated for small businesses because of a lack of awareness and inability to seek qualified guidance.
    The roundtable was titled, “Are Small Businesses Adopting Cybersecurity Best Practices?”, and Ruchiraa Sharma was chatting with domain experts. They cover a wide range of issues related to the cyber world, including

    Highlights of the Summit

    • Cyber ​​risk: why small businesses should care

    • What Makes Small Businesses More Vulnerable?

    • Learn how the impact of cyber threats extends beyond the business

    • Understand data security and what your data management policy should include

    • Ransomware Is Getting Popular, What Can You Do About It


    • Ruchira Sharma

      Ruchiraa Sharma


    • Ajit Pillai

      Ajit Pillai


    • Ranjeet Bellary

      Ranjeet Bellary

      Affiliate Partners, Forensic Services & Integrity, EY

    • Raj Sivaraju

      Raj Sivaraju

      APAC President, Arete

    • Adnane Alaoui

      Adnane Alaoui

      Technical Director of Sales, Small Business- EMEA & APJ, Dell Technologies



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