Apple’s iMessage is now available on Windows 11, here’s how to use it

    Microsoft’s Phone Link app for iOS devices now helps Windows 11 users access Apple’s popular messaging platform iMessage. With this launch, iOS users can send and receive messages on iMessage, check phone notifications, access contacts, and receive phone calls through their Windows 11 PC. The Phone Link app also has iCloud integration allowing users to access their iPhone photos on their Windows system.

    Windows users have access to the Phone Link app during the preview period. This feature will now begin rolling out in 39 languages ​​and across 85 markets to all Windows 11 users, and will be available to all Windows 11 users in mid-May.

    In a blog post about the release of the iPhone Link app on iOS, Microsoft said: “We know that being able to easily connect with friends and family during important times is important, so We took a cautious approach to rolling out this update.”

    “With this ability to create a PC/iOS Phone connection, we hope our Windows 11 customers will never have to worry about missing an important phone call or text,” the company added. important while focusing on their Windows PC.”

    The Phone Link app has been available to Android users for a while now, giving them access to everything they love on their phone.

    It’s worth noting that the Phone Link app is only available for iOS 14 and above devices. This app is also not available on iPad or Mac devices.

    How to access the iMessage app on your Windows 11 PC:

    1) Check if Phone Link is enabled on Windows 11 system

    2) Download the Phone Link app on your iPhone using Microsoft Store or Apple Store

    3) Make sure your iPhone and Windows system have Bluetooth enabled and set to discoverable mode

    4) A QR code will appear on the Phone Link app during setup. Scan the QR code and grant the necessary permissions.

    5) You must connect to the Phone Link app, which allows you to access messages on your iPhone

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