Apple warns users about security risks, urges users to update to the latest iOS

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Apple is warning users to update their software immediately. The tech giant says it has discovered a flaw in its iOS software that could potentially allow hackers to take complete control of your device.

    If you see an update for OS 15.6.1, don’t delay.

    “If they can get into the system, they can navigate everything on the phone and anything the phone connects to,” Margaret McCoey from La Salle University said of potential hackers.

    Apple says a flaw in its system could allow hackers to impersonate you and then run any software under their name.

    And it’s not just your phone. McCoey says iPads, Macbooks, and any network your phone allows can be compromised

    “If this is a phone you use for work, it probably has a direct connection,” says McCoey.

    Experts advise not to panic, but to act quickly.

    “Apply your updates. We call it hardening your device. If your updates aren’t updates, there’s likely a backdoor to your machine,” McCoey said. speak.

    Outside the Apple store on Walnut Street in Center City, the Apple users CBS3 spoke to were unaware of the vulnerability.

    “I’ve never heard of it,” Megan Rollins said.

    Ryan Hontz, another Apple user, said: “I always had a little doubt that it would happen. “We use our phones carelessly with everything and I worry about those things, but I’m not sure what I can do about it.

    “If there’s a software update, I’ll go home and start right away,” said Jack Ryan, another Apple user.

    Apple doesn’t say how the vulnerabilities were discovered, but it is urging you to update your phone now.

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