Apple is dominating Facebook and Google in online advertising after changing iOS

    A leader of the US Federal Communications Commission said he had asked Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores because of data security concerns. Pictured here is the TikTok download page on Apple’s iPhone on August 7, 2020.

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    Google-Facebook online advertising may disband.

    According to a study published Tuesday by Appsumer, Apple is gaining momentum in digital advertising, while Google and Facebook seems to have lost steam.

    The study, based on an analysis of the online advertising budgets of more than 100 different consumer app companies, found that Apple’s advertising business has benefited from the company’s major iOS security update. company in 2021, which makes it harder for companies like Facebook to track users than the Internet.

    Apple Search Ads allows people to advertise on the iPhone manufacturer’s App Store. Appsumer said that second-quarter advertiser adoption rose nearly 4 percentage points from a year earlier to 94.8%, while Facebook adoption fell 3 percentage points to 82.8% . Google’s rate dropped 2 points to 94.8%.

    According to Appsumer, a company owned by InMobi, Apple has “jointly exclusively Facebook and Google at the top of the table in terms of advertiser adoption”.

    Shumel Lais, general manager at Appsumer, attributes Apple’s improved position to an increase in the number of app developers willing to pay large sums to boost downloads. At the same time, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) update limited the amount of data ad-based apps like Facebook can use to help brands with ad campaigns. their online.

    “One of the things that’s quite interesting is that the ATT measurement limits that apply across the wider network don’t exist in the same way for Apple,” Lais said. “So you could say Apple has slightly better visibility or an edge over other channels on iOS.”

    Apple’s rise in online advertising for developers reflects Amazon’s position in e-commerce, as retailers spend more money promoting their products on the site they rely on. client.

    In terms of total app developer spend on online advertising, known as wallet share, Google still comes out on top, with 34%. Facebook is second with 28%, followed by Apple with 15%. Amazon is not listed because it is not a platform for developers.

    In the lower market, TikTok overtook Snap, was also trained by ATT. According to Appsumer, TikTok has a 3% market share and Snap at 2%.

    Although it topped Snap, TikTok adoption fell by nearly 7 percentage points in the second quarter. Lais said app developers are still trying to figure out which ads work well on the short video service.

    “Brands are probably still tweaking to make TikTok work for every industry,” Lais said.

    All numbers aren’t bad for Facebook. Its wallet market share rose 4 points to 28% in the fourth quarter, Lais said, suggesting the social media company is experiencing some “signs of recovery”. In July, Facebook’s parent company Meta reported a faster-than-expected fall in second-quarter revenue and said sales would fall back year-over-year in the third quarter.

    Lais said Facebook benefits from ad randomness, compared to Google and Apple, which serve ads based on search terms.

    “Facebook still has very unique ethos and people are thinking they are in a discovery mode, so there is still a chance there,” Lais said.

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