Apple iPhone 14: High-end smartphones with innovation problems

    What is the difference between the iPhone 14 and its predecessor iPhone 13? Unfortunately, the answer is very little. The list of features is pretty short as Apple only made some minor upgrades. These include improved main and front cameras, auto crash detection, more RAM, two new color variants, and better repairability. Really revolutionary new features for this product line such as always-on display, 48MP camera and Dynamic Island are exclusive to the Pro models iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    If you’re using an iPhone 13, switching to an iPhone 14 may not be very appealing due to the many similarities. In addition, the base price has increased slightly. The lowest configuration of the new Apple iPhone 14 with 128 GB costs about $ 800 – the iPhone 13 at launch cost only $ 700. Since the iPhone 13 Pro falls in a similar price range today, it could be a better alternative for potential buyers of the iPhone 14. Pros include an additional telephoto camera as well as a display. 120 Hz adaptive. In contrast, the standard iPhone of 2022 is still based on the slower 60 Hz panel.

    Main camera of iPhone 13 Pro

    The new camera is possibly the most important upgrade for the Apple iPhone 14. The 12 MP main camera is now identical to the iPhone 13 Pro. This means that the sensor size increases to 1.7 to 1.9 µm, while the aperture improves from f/1.6 to f/1.5. In our testing, this was especially evident from photos taken at night. In low light, the iPhone 14 takes significantly better photos than last year’s model and displays more detail and richer colors in dark areas. The selfie camera has also been improved and now features autofocus, allowing for sharper photos, especially from close range.

    Our in-depth review of Apple iPhone 14 cans is here.

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