Apple has another iPhone update on Monday. Here’s what’s new

    iOS 16

    Source: Apple

    Apple’The latest update to the iPhone operating system, iOS 16.1, will be available on Monday, the company announced in a press release Thursday.

    It will launch for iPhone users with iPhone 8 or later models, and it adds quite a few features that weren’t available when iOS 16 launches in September.

    Here’s what’s coming.

    Access Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch

    Apple Watch

    Source: Apple Inc.

    iPhone users with iOS 16.1 will be able to sign up and access Apple Fitness+ even if they don’t have an Apple Watch.

    Fitness+ is a subscription service with guided meditations and workouts that costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Apple is offering three free months of Fitness+ with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

    If you work out on Fitness+ without an Apple Watch, you won’t be able to see metrics like calories burned or your real-time heart rate.

    Charge iPhone with clean energy

    Clean energy charging available with iOS 16.1

    Sophia Pit

    The iOS 16.1 update will also include Clean Power Charging. Apple says this will allow users to optimize charging when cleaner power is available, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your iPhone.

    Clean energy charging is an option that you can choose from in Settings > Battery > Status & charging. In Clean Energy Charging preferences, Apple says: “In your region, iPhone will try to reduce your carbon footprint by selectively charging when it has a lower carbon footprint. iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can be fully charged before you need to use it.”

    iCloud Shared Photo Library

    Apple’s Shared Photo Library


    iOS 16.1 will let you create an iCloud Shared Photo Library instead of the standard shared iCloud album.

    This will allow you to invite up to five other people or a total of six people to a library where you can add, remove, edit or favorite photos and videos.

    The Camera app will offer a new toggle that will let users choose to send photos automatically to the shared gallery. So if you’re on vacation and take a lot of photos at the beach with a group of friends, everyone can take a picture with this option enabled and see all the photos in the shared album.

    Works directly for third-party apps

    After you update to iOS 16.1, your lock screen will have Live Activities, showing info from sports games, ride-hailing apps like Uber, or updates on food delivery orders . So you can see how long it will take for dinner to arrive at your house, with information about when dinner will arrive. Or, as the screenshot below shows, the score, innings and counts of a baseball game with innings updates. It will be most useful on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which have an always-on display so you can flip through to see what’s new. You’ll start seeing some apps on Monday, but this one requires developer approval, so more apps will come later.

    Here’s what it looks like:

    Works directly on iOS 16.1.


    Support for Matter accessories in the Home App

    iOS 16.1 will add support for new Matter accessories to the Home app, allowing users to control smart home accessories.

    Matter is a new connectivity standard that is trying to make it easier to use all your smart home accessories simultaneously, no matter who designed them. The idea is to allow smart home devices to connect to home hubs, whether that hub is made by Apple, Google or Amazon. That means you can go to the store and buy a smart light bulb, for example, without worrying whether it will work with your home system, as long as it supports Matter.

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