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    It’s surprisingly easy to make purchases using just your voice with the Amazon Echo speaker (less so with the Google Assistant speaker, but we’ll get to that in a bit). Of course, that’s one thing when you become aware of this possibility. It’s a whole different thing when you plug in one of these Alexa-enabled devices, such as your kid’s room or your parents’ home, and your Amazon account is linked for all purchases. there. You’ll probably want to turn off the ability to make Voice Purchases.

    Diablo Immortal Money Orb

    Diablo Immortal’s global release this week received mixed reviews from critics. Our own Matt Sholtz was particularly touched by the way Activision Blizzard designed its mystery crate system and mentioned that the company won’t be releasing the game in Belgium and the Netherlands because of that. Now, we’re hearing about efforts to bring down legal profiteering of loot crates across Europe.

    On April 28, the Indian government issued new regulations requiring all VPN (virtual private network) service providers to store user data for at least 5 years – even after customers have deleted their accounts or canceled their subscriptions – under the pretext of dealing with cybercriminals. The law will go into effect later this month, and businesses that fail to comply could face up to a year in prison. While it remains unclear whether this law applies to international providers doing business in India, ExpressVPN took a chance and made the decision to remove servers on Indian soil from its network.


    No matter how far Google wants to try and stay ahead of its own story, someone will always take the leap. Get it from the poor who listed a Pixel 7 prototype on eBay. We talk about that and more on this week’s podcast.

    fitbit-charge-5-review 5

    The Fitbit app really does more than a novice can imagine. In addition to offering usability features like sleep, heart rate and activity tracking, it also stands out by doubling as your nutritionist – not only do you benefit from the programs This different but also can use the app to keep a food diary your way of eating healthier. This can be done fairly simply through a page dedicated to “Food,” but as many reports now show, part of that page isn’t as active as it once was.

    blur desaturated samsung galaxy s22 phone line in background with samsung account logo in 3D in foreground

    Samsung is the closest thing to an Apple-like ecosystem in the Android world. A Samsung account allows you to connect your smart devices, locate your lost Samsung phone, and use many of Samsung’s exclusive apps and features. While there are plenty of deals with Samsung accounts, there are plenty of reasons to cancel – maybe you’re switching phones or trying to get rid of the ubiquitous tracking and advertising associated with any online accounts. current line. We’re here to guide you through the cancellation process, whatever the case may be.


    I still remember the first digital projector I ever encountered: a monochrome LCD panel that you had to place on top of an existing overhead projector like a fancy transparent background. It…doesn’t work well. And honestly, for a long time using digital projectors, I feel like accepting mass trade-offs: too heavy, too dim, too hot, too expensive to maintain – I could go on . Thankfully, technology is finally starting to catch on to this idea, and modern projectors are getting really, really good.


    Whether you’re sharing holiday photos or letting your little ones watch funny videos, the last thing you want is for anyone to peek at the sensitive media files on your device. It’s important to protect your private photos and videos, so that no discerning eye can accidentally detect them. It’s easy to hide your media files with a few simple tricks. Of course, each method depends on your photo app and whether you’re using an Android device or something from Apple. Here’s how to protect private media on your phone or tablet.

    We’re looking forward to the launch of a lot of Google products right now: the Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds Pro and an unnamed Pixel tablet have all been officially confirmed to be in production. — not to mention rumored things like a foldable Pixel phone. Between existing and upcoming products, Google is building toward the kind of hardware ecosystem that takes over every corner of your life that rival Apple now enjoys. But while Google may be getting closer to truly competing with Apple on hardware, Apple has something else Google doesn’t: services people want to pay for.

    Two women stand facing each other.

    June is Pride Month and LGBTQIA communities around the world are gearing up to celebrate after several years of pandemic-induced events. Pride takes place every June in memory of the 1969 Stonewall Riot, as well as the brave people who continue to fight for equality around the world. Although the riots happened more than 50 years ago, they have had a profound impact on LGBTQ+ rights in the United States and around the world, and are therefore celebrated to this day.

    Edge of smartphone screen with Google Maps icon in focus

    With its unparalleled network of directories, listings, and 360° interactive street panoramas, Google Maps remains one of Google’s most used mobile apps. It is arguably one of the company’s greatest achievements, having completely disrupted the GPS navigation market. It is definitely one of the best Android apps that even many iPhone users prefer over Apple Maps.


    WhatsApp allows users to securely delete messages, both those present in their chats and those sent to others. However, you can only imagine the horror that would subside if you accidentally sent something inappropriate to a group, only to hit the “delete for me” option instead of “delete for everyone” ” – obviously a double. Thankfully, this can become a concern in the past, as WhatsApp plans to introduce a tool to recover deleted messages.


    Open countryside fields are trademarks of the United States. That kind of land is prime territory for agriculture, but it’s not good for finding a reliable 5G signal. For its part, AT&T is bringing faster data speeds to rural America the only way it knows how: through Flying COWs deployed where they need it most.


    T-Mobile just announced that it has rolled out Voice Over New Radio (or VoNR) to its 5G network in areas of Portland, OR, and Salt Lake City, UT. While this marks the first commercial availability of this technology, allowing you to make calls over a 5G connection without having to use LTE again, the feature is currently limited to the Galaxy S21. last.

    Streaming services have become one of the best ways to watch the latest movies. Whether they stop in theaters before launching a movie for digital rental, or they launch as the first original from Netflix, Apple TV+, or HBO; We’re rounding up the best titles so you’re not left out – that is, until the movie starts. Check back each week (usually on Fridays) to see the latest additions to movies currently available to stream, the latest movies in theaters, and next week’s movies.

    Tab S8 Ultra-11

    You have to hand it over to Google: they’ve been focused on tablets for months now, rolling out Android 12L with all sorts of big-screen enhancements before announcing over a dozen app upgrades at I/O this week. last month. Clock is the latest app to give the bigger screen a makeover, complete with a newly-appeared side navigation panel customized for tablets.


    Android Auto for phone screens may be dead, but Google’s car experience has never been better. We’re just a few weeks away from the final final console redesign rolling out to users – assuming we don’t miss the promised “start of summer” deadline. Google is also testing a mysterious new setup process, though it’s still unclear what changes have been made.


    A quality case is a must-have if you own a Samsung Galaxy S22+. It’s quite pricey, and you wouldn’t want to ruin its precision-crafted curved glass display with a single careless drop.


    It’s Friday, and so it’s once again the Android Police weekend sale. Whether you’re looking for the best Android apps or the best Android games, today’s sale listings feature discounts on titles like Battle Chasers and Evoland. As always, I’ve highlighted all interesting headings to make exploring easier. So without further ado, here are the best-selling and free temporary apps and games for the weekend.


    Screenshots are a convenient way to save and share information. They are useful for tracking information, saving booking confirmations or even vaccination cards as pictures. Quick screenshots make it easy to access information in your device’s gallery. Finally, screenshots can be a way to share something with others, whether we just want to show them what’s on our screen or when we need assistance.

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