Android 14 could be internally referred to as ‘Upside down’

    Android 13 is expected to be Google’s next major smartphone release globally, with the first beta for Pixel devices expected to drop any day. However, a successor to Android 13 is also in development, and according to a new report, we finally have an internal codename for ‘Android U’.

    Some of the first commits pointing to Android 14 have appeared on Android Gerrit, according to a report by Developer XDA. These commits refer to the Android 13 successor with the codename – ‘Flip Cake’.

    As you may already know, all versions of Android have certain codenames that are also alphabetized and themed after dessert.

    These codenames have been around for years, and while recent versions of Android are just numbers (Android 10, Android 11, etc.), the dessert names Google assigns to all versions Android still exists as an internal codename.

    What is puff pastry?

    A proper dessert, Upside Down Cake, as the name suggests, is a cake that is baked with the top layer on the bottom and the cake on top. While it’s not a popular dish like Tiramisu or Ice Cream Sandwich, we don’t blame Google because desserts that start with the letter ‘U’ can be hard to find.

    What were previous Android versions called?

    Here is a list of all Android versions prior to Android 14, along with their dessert names.

    Android 1.5: Cupcake

    Android 1.6: Donuts

    Android 2.0: Lightning

    Android 2.2: Froyo

    Android 2.3: Gingerbread

    Android 3.0: Honeycombs

    Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Android 4.1: Jelly Bean

    Android 4.4: KitKat

    Android 5.0: Lollipop

    Android 6.0: Marshmallow

    Android 7.0: Nougat

    Android 8.0: Oreo

    Android 9: Pie

    Android 10: Quince Tart

    Android 11: Red Velvet Cake

    Android 12: Snow Cone

    Android 12L: Snow Cone v2

    Android 13: Tiramisu

    Android 14: Flip cake

    In other news, the Android 13 developer previews that have been released so far have pointed out a lot of features users can expect in the next big Android update. These include improved app icon themes, Bluetooth LE support, developer downgrade permissions, and a more private Nearby Devices permission for Wi-Fi, among others.

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