Airgap Ransomware Early Detection™ strengthens the cybersecurity perimeter

    Airgap Networks, Inc.

    “Confidently detecting IOC Ransomware, Zero Trust isolates all endpoints with granular segmentation and stops the spread of ransomware with surgical precision.”

    Airgaps Networks (, the company that builds innovative solutions to prevent the directional spread of Ransomware, announces the release of Ransomware Early Detection (RED™), which complements Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch™ to detect ransomware threats early and prevent malicious propagation inside any network environment.

    Announced at the RSA 2022 Conference in San Francisco, Airgap RED™ perfects Airgap’s end-to-end ransomware defense by leveraging trustless technology from detection through enforcement. RED™ detects and reports suspicious behavior patterns that often herald ransomware attacks.

    Using advanced machine learning and behavioral recognition models, RED™ continuously updates its understanding of network behavior and identifies malicious access patterns on a dynamic basis. It bases both east/west and north/south traffic patterns to determine if they represent logical user processes. RED™ can also detect malware attempts to propagate and penetrate sensitive network areas.

    Airgap RED™ combines various Airgap security technologies and underlying intellectual property, industry standard protocols, network analytics, and machine learning models for ransomware detection mapping based on the MITER ATT & CK framework.

    Airgap RED™ mainly focuses on the most common first steps in the Ransomware attack chain such as:

    • SMB . Side Movement
    • Encrypt files ransomware
    • Malicious access patterns
    • Deviation from basic behaviors

    “Unfortunately, ransomware has become the tool of choice for cybercriminals and no business or government is immune,” said Ritesh Agrawal, CEO of Airgap. “Businesses lose billions of dollars each year to these attacks, but Airgap is committed to stopping these threats with sophisticated security measures deployed to every endpoint accessing the facility. important infrastructure of the enterprise”.

    Working in tandem with Ransomware Kill Switch™, Airgap’s agentless malware prevention weapon, RED™ delivers a one-of-a-kind punch to neutralize ransomware attacks. Identifying anomalous access attempts at the point of attack, RED™ integrates with Ransomware Kill Switch™ to block access, deploying additional untrusted security measures for proper authentication, or in the event In the event of a breach, immediately isolate the compromised node before the ransomware can propagate to other endpoints on the network.

    For more information on how Airgap can help enhance the overall visibility, security, and ransomware mitigation of all your IT and OT network deployments, please visit https: // and attend the SANS ICS Security Summit 2022 on June 1st.

    About the Airgap Network Based in Santa Clara, California, the Airgap Network provides an Agent-less Trusted Segmentation platform that protects every endpoint and prevents the spread of ransomware. Airgap’s unique and patented Ransomware Kill Switch™ is the most powerful response against ransomware threats. To learn more about Airgap and its services, please contact

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