AIRCUVE held a Cybersecurity Workshop on “The Power of 2FA & WiFi Authentication” in the Philippines in November

    Seoul, South Korea, November 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AirCUVE, a leading global cybersecurity company with 20 years of experience, announced its Smart Two-Factor Authentication Solution, V-FRONT v7, which is a Smart and Easy Sign-in solution easily advanced. Prolonged COVID-19 has changed the work environment to Work from home, and corporations need a different cybersecurity platform to protect. Governments, businesses, and schools heavily use video conferencing and face-to-face meetings every day. So most governments in the US and EU publish an Executive Order to protect their networks with 2FA. 2FA & Wifi Secure Authentication is no longer a supplement but has become a must-have foundation for protection in a pandemic environment.

    AIRCUVE held a Cybersecurity Workshop on “The Power of 2FA & WiFi Authentication” in the Philippines in November.

    AirCUVE held Security Solutions Day at Makati Diamond Hotel in Philippines in November. Topics include “Securing your company while working remotely – The power of 2FA & WiFi”. Many important customers, from Banks, Government – Public, Hospitals, Telcos, BPOs, enterprises and schools, participated in the workshop and AIRCUVE covered the trends of the information security industry and advanced AIRCUVE 2FA & Wifi authentication benefits.

    AirCUVE introduced upgraded “V-FRONT v7” which provides compact management user interface and smart login token, biometric fingerprint, Yubikey, QR, PUSH, SMS/email/OTP mobile. It will guide Passwordless authentication for untrusted security purposes, provide users with “Smart Login” and also provide administrators with “Easy Management”. “V-FRONT” will satisfy customers’ demand for “Work from home securely with smart & easy 2FA login”.

    “AirCUVE is excited to introduce a Smart & Easy 2FA solution for customers’ dynamic services, banking, VPN, VDI and web portals,” said AirCUVE Executive Vice President GS AHN. He also added, “AirCUVE is expanding its business in Pan America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle Eastand Europe also.”

    Furthermore, industries are rapidly moving to a wireless network that is not secure enough. AirCUVE also provides a unified WiFi access authentication platform, “AirFRONT”, which is an Easy & Smart security management solution for WiFi security. AirCUVE specializes in Network Validation with over 1,200 references around the world for over 20 years. Today in a pandemic environment, strong demand for Smart and Easy 2FA and WiFi authentication has increased and AirCUVE is leading the authentication industry worldwide.

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