ADVA launches cybersecurity company to protect critical infrastructure

    BERLIN – (BUSINESS LINE) – ADVA (FSE: ADV) today launched Adva Network Security, a professional security company committed to protecting critical communication networks from cyberattacks. The new separate company will complement ADVA’s market-leading network technology portfolio with proven and approved security controls to protect even the most connectivity-critical applications. It will develop, manufacture and integrate encryption technology that can combat increasingly sophisticated threats. With its own IT infrastructure and secure data center facility in Germany, Adva Network Security will work with national security organizations to ensure end-to-end network protection meets the highest requirements. industry, including protecting data against attacks from quantum computers.

    “By creating Adva Network Security, we are ensuring that networks can provide new levels of protection to protect increasingly sensitive communications, such as national security services. We live in a world where the value of information is increasing. At the same time, criminal hackers and unfriendly government organizations have unprecedented financial resources at their disposal. Our new independent organization of highly specialized security experts will protect the most sensitive data in motion at every network layer,” said Michael Roth, GM of Adva Network Security. “More and more businesses and their customers are prioritizing the integrity and privacy of their operations-critical processes and services. Our unique organization and our team’s unparalleled and extensive expertise will provide the network protection they need. ”

    With its own security facilities in Germany, Adva Network Security will provide connectivity solutions that meet the highest industry requirements. It will build on ADVA’s unique portfolio of security technologies, including the first optical transmission solution on the market approved by the German Federal Ministry for Information Security (BSI) for the transmission of classified data. category up to VS-V, followed by ADVA’s Ethernet encryption solution by the end of 2022. Adva Cybersecurity solutions inherit ADVA’s NIST 140-2 certification for various products, ensuring that the code meet the stringent requirements of US security agencies. The company is also in the process of achieving FIPS 140-3 certification. Furthermore, the company offers high-bandwidth quantum secure transport, enabling customers to apply future-proof security solutions to their infrastructure and ensuring that information whose value cannot be captured and stored today, ready to be decrypted when large-scale quantum computers become easily accessible.

    “The cybersecurity landscape is becoming more dangerous and difficult to navigate than ever before, and that is before we even consider the threat of quantum computer attacks looming on the horizon. By creating Adva Network Security as a separate entity, we are empowering businesses and governments to confront this most pressing issue. Through our new company, we are helping our customers comprehensively address the data vulnerability crisis that is threatening every aspect of our lives,” said Chrisstoph Glingener, CEO of ADVA. review. “Adva Network Security encryption technology has been tested by the most qualified and experienced professionals. It ensures even the fastest data connections with the lowest latency, protecting communications without sacrificing transmission quality. ”

    More information about Adva Network Security is available in these slides:

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