A Buying Guide for Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras and Lenses

    It took Canon a little while to get really successful when it comes to professional mirrorless cameras and lenses, but once the EOS R5 and RF 28-70mm f/2 L USM hit the market, the company started head ran and haven’t looked back since. . Now that the company (and third parties) has a wide range of cameras and lenses available, knowing which is right for you can be a bit difficult. This great buying guide video will help you navigate the world of Canon mirrorless gear to find the best options for your work.

    Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this helpful video buying guide will show you some of the best options for Canon’s full frame mirrorless cameras and lenses. Canon’s mirrorless options are no doubt impressive, and they can tackle almost anything you can imagine throwing at them, but they’re also quite expensive (especially lenses), but luckily, there are plenty of third-party options out there. Also, don’t forget that you can seamlessly adjust EF lenses with RF mount cameras. In fact, while I own a few RF lenses, I have adapted some of my older EF lenses for the EOS R and EOS R5 and they actually perform better on those cameras than the others. my DSLR camera. Watch the video above for the full summary from Abbott.

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