7 ways on how to increase CPU performance

    Over time, the CPU chip won’t be able to perform a task as efficiently as it used to. An older chip will have difficulty processing data because modern software and applications require more computing power or the operating system takes up more resources.

    Moreover, the processor is too hot, the heat sink is dusty or many heavy applications run in the background are also some of the reasons why your CPU does not give the desired performance.

    In this article, we have gathered some techniques to increase your CPU performance. However, let’s see why your CPU is underperforming.

    What causes poor CPU performance?

    One particular reason you might see a drop in performance is due to dust on the heatsink. The CPU heatsink is responsible for absorbing the heat emitted from the CPU. The CPU cooler then cools the heatsink by blowing air into its compartment.

    Therefore, if you notice any performance drop, check your radiator for dust. Besides, here are some reasons why your CPU performance is dropping.

    • High CPU usage
    • Dry heat paste
    • Dust on the heatsink
    • CPU fan RPM is low
    • Low CPU power
    • Computer without a dedicated GPU

    How to increase CPU performance?

    Depending on the causes mentioned above, let us discuss how you can increase your CPU performance.

    Turn on high performance mode

    In a computer without a dedicated GPU, your CPU handles unnecessary graphics processing tasks, such as animations, thumbnail icons, and smoothing the edges of windows. Disabling these visual effects will give your system a slight performance boost.

    On the gaming front, you’ll also get an FPS Boost when you tune your PC for high performance.

    1. Press Windows key + I to open settings.
    2. Go System > About.
    3. Here, click Advanced system settings.
    4. Make sure you are in the Advanced tab. Below Performanceclick Install.
    5. Above Visual effects , click Adjust for best performance. For some users, the user interface on your computer may be a bit off. If so, you can enable or disable the features according to your choice.performance options
    6. Click Apply, then click OK.

    Change processor power management settings

    If you’re running an Intel chip, reducing the peak power processor state to 99% can improve your CPU performance at lower temperatures. Once you have set the processor max power to 100%, the processor will use all its resources, consume more power and cause CPU temperature to rise. And so the processor will start throttling, reducing its performance.

    Above 99%, the CPU fan won’t spin at high RPM and won’t get too hot. So CPU will perform better with lower temperature.

    1. Press Windows key + R to Open Run.
    2. Type powercfg.cpland press Enter to open Power Options.
    3. Click Change plan settings on the selected plan.
    4. Click Change advanced power settings.
    5. Extend Processor Power Managementand then expand Maximum Processor state.
    6. Turn on the battery and plug in at 99%.
      processor state max

    End background and startup apps

    Many applications may run in the background from the beginning when you turn on your computer. These applications will consume resources, resulting in low computer performance. Therefore, it’s best to end any unnecessary background apps and disable apps that start automatically during startup using Task Manager.

    Here are the steps to end background processes and kill startup apps.

    1. Simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to Open Task Manager.
    2. Click More details if the window only shows a list of running applications.
    3. In Background Processes, click on the app that takes up a lot of CPU resources. Now click Finish the task.
      End of mission
    4. Now go to Start up navigation.
    5. Right click on the app with Start-up effect high or low and disable it.Turn off high impact boot

    Change the thermal paste

    Change the thermal paste

    CPUs with dried thermal paste will make the heat sink less efficient. This leads to an increase in the temperature of the CPU.

    When the CPU’s temperature reaches a certain temperature, it degrades performance to prevent itself from any damage caused by excessive heat. This is called thermoregulation. So, if you find that your CPU isn’t working like it used to, try replacing the thermal paste.

    Clean the heatsink and fan

    Clean CPU heatsink and fan

    Dust on the heatsink will trap heat and the cooling fan will not be able to cool it. Furthermore, when the RPM of the CPU cooling fan also decreases as dust collects on its fan blades.

    When dust enters the compartments of the heatsink and fan, it degrades the PC’s ability to cool. And as discussed above, the CPU will start throttling heat.

    Use a can of compressed air to clean the CPU cooler and cooling fan.

    CPU Overclocking

    CPU Overclocking

    Overclocking a CPU improves its clock speed and makes it run at a higher speed than was originally intended. This will result in overall improved computer performance and increased FPS in games.

    When you overclock a CPU, you simultaneously increase its clock speed and supply voltage until the system becomes unstable. Let’s call this a point of instability. Once it is unstable, it will shut down. And now you set the clock speed and voltage below this point of instability.

    However, one downside to overclocking can be that the CPU will run hotter and the CPU fan will spin at a higher RPM, creating some noise.

    Upgrade PC components

    If you have a higher end CPU paired with underperforming hardware components like RAM or GPU, you won’t be able to utilize the full performance of the CPU. This is called the bottleneck.

    When your CPU is congested, it cannot reach its potential due to underperforming hardware components. Upgrading these components will make your CPU perform better if it is congested.

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