4 different ways to learn more about cybersecurity in a rapidly changing world

    The specter of cybercrime is always present in the modern age and it is a concern of businesses as well as individuals.

    It is therefore all our responsibility to educate ourselves about the security measures and methods being used to combat the threats we face.

    So how can we learn what we need and ultimately make the future of digital technology safer and more secure?

    Let’s discuss a few options and why they’re worth pursuing.

    Take an online course in cybersecurity and get certified

    Distance learning is undeniably problem-free, but being able to take online courses on all topics is an undeniable advantage, especially in terms of making an education become more equal.

    As you would expect, there are courses specifically dedicated to cybersecurity that will help you fill in the playing field right now and also allow you to gain certification in a related skill set that will improve your employability. friend.

    If you’re thinking of expanding your existing role or applying for a new one, it’s a good idea to get a cybersecurity certification from a provider like Advanced courses packed with up-to-the-minute information on threats and counter strategies that will keep you ahead and get you more work done.

    Check out the experts who post content on social media

    There are plenty of cybercrime experts out there willing to share what they know with the world through social media, with YouTube being a particularly fascinating repository of videos on the subject.

    Some of the most popular videos in recent years involve digital knights in shining armor fighting off hackers and fraudsters with their own techniques, while exposing sorts of tactics. deployed against innocent victims.

    Celebrities like Kitboga, as well as expert channels like the one run by Jim Browning, are all about entertainment and attention-grabbing. It is essential to know how attackers try to use social engineering to trick people out of their hard-earned cash or personal data. Knowing what to protect is important, and these videos make it clear.

    Offer your services and gain experience

    If you already have some experience in cybersecurity and you are keeping up to date with the latest industry news, then you don’t necessarily need to go out and get a paid position that includes upskilling your skills. and knowledge to test.

    For example, you can simply volunteer at a local non-profit organization and capture security insights in this context, without the full job search and go through the interviews, etc.

    Of course, there may already be a team member dealing with security, but that means if you volunteer, you’ll have an experienced staff member to guide and train you.

    Search for cybersecurity events

    There are regular cybersecurity conferences held in various parts of the globe, as well as related events such as hackathons and comprehensive competitions where top researchers put their skills to the test. test.

    Whether you attend as a casual visitor or participate as a competitor, examining cybersecurity events in the flesh will always be an illuminating experience.

    All that remains is for you to do a little research and make whatever moves seem most natural and logical to you to enhance your understanding of cybersecurity and, ideally, to spread the word. this knowledge to others.

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