20/20 visibility is paramount to cybersecurity

    Infoblox has published the results of a study by Forrester Consulting, which shows that IT leaders around the world share a common need for greater network visibility. The findings highlight the convergence in security with the network, which IT decision makers currently see as the missing strategy that will improve security response, automate compliance tasks, and manage processes and better results.

    20/20 visibility is paramount to cybersecurity, as it helps organizations discover and understand what data they are securing and from whom they are securing it. To achieve these benefits, collaboration between network and security teams is required, with network visibility being the glue. This integration enhances performance and capacity planning, reduces costs, and device discovery, benefiting both teams.

    To explore further, Infoblox commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey the views of 423 global IT leaders at companies in the consumer goods, professional services, retail, financial services, and healthcare industries. health, manufacturing and chemicals. Research found that:

    • Security leaders are increasing their investment in network visibility with 97% of respondents already invested in or planning to invest in new visibility tools/technologies over the next three years; and 61% are eager to invest in network discovery tools.
    • Solutions that improve visibility are in high demand with nearly 80% of respondents seeing an integrated solution that benefits both their organization’s security and network goals as attractive, especially to break down barriers between these organizations, which three out of four decision-makers surveyed noted as a problem within their companies.
    • Better visibility enhances security capabilities and responses with 81% of decision-makers surveyed agreeing that better network visibility improves their organization’s security posture and posture .

    Overall, the survey found a significant synergy between visibility and security with 98% of decision makers already invested in their security to support evolving network architectures. develop. Invest in network discovery (61%) takes the top spot for network infrastructure as a means of enabling security.

    “We believe these findings underscore that visibility means improved efficiency and performance for both network and security professionals,” said Anthony James, Vice President of Infoblox. “These traditionally separate areas are converging as businesses build cloud infrastructure to enable hybrid work. Expanding the corporate network increases security risks, which requires both teams to have visibility into the network traffic associated with each connected device and user identity. ”

    The in-depth study suggested a number of mitigations, including building trust with an identity-centric approach and standardizing platform solutions as used by DDI service organizations for network connectivity along with DNS security to accelerate threat tracing.

    Additionally, all organizations should educate and train their teams on these solutions to optimize value. Ensuring teams leverage cross-functionality of the unique visibility of DDI metadata will also help teams stay on target and minimize damage, especially from security risks.

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